October 7, 2019

Data Mining and Learning Analytics RFP

Join us in our journey to transform education through research and practice by learning more about Flamingo Learning and Algebra Nation research opportunities.

Submission Deadline: November 15th, 2019

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The University of Florida Lastinger Center is an education innovation hub that blends cutting edge research with practice to build equitable teaching and learning systems for those who need it most. Our work is focused on helping children achieve success in key developmental milestones: kindergarten readiness, reading proficiency by third grade, and algebraic proficiency by ninth grade. To achieve these goals, the Lastinger Center has custom-built two educational technology platforms that provide tools, resources, and support to teachers and students. Through these two platforms, we desire to provide researchers with the opportunity to explore connections among learner profile, learner engagement, learner activity, learner recommendation, and teacher and student outcome data. We also seek to engage in research around learning within virtual environments, particularly mobile learning.

Our Professional Learning Management System, Flamingo Learning, is a fully online, mobile-friendly professional development system designed to meet the needs of the diverse early childhood and K-12 education workforce. Through an innovative combination of courses, community-building tools, and resources, Flamingo Learning has delivered more than 750,000 hours of professional development across six states to over 20,000 early childhood educators. Additionally, the system will be used to support early literacy professional development among approximately 700 kindergarten through third-grade teachers, with this number anticipated to grow substantially in the near future.   

The Center has also developed Algebra Nation, a comprehensive online mathematics teaching and learning platform with differentiated tools and resources to support students and teachers of middle grades, algebra 1, geometry, and algebra 2 courses. Multiple studies indicate that Algebra Nation makes a difference – historically, schools frequently incorporating the program into instruction demonstrated an average 26-percentage point higher Algebra 1 exam pass rate compared to low usage schools. Utilized across six states, Algebra Nation has served more than 1,000,000 students and 50,000 teachers since first launching in 2013.

These platforms contain an incredible amount of data and are prime vehicles for research that may lead to significant discoveries in the educational technology field. To this end, the Lastinger Center seeks to partner with data scientists to conduct research within one or both of our platforms around a variety of themes related to machine learning and data analytics with a focus on identifying features, tools and enhancements that lead to meaningful improvements in learning. Join us in our journey to transforming education through research and practice –learn more about our Flamingo Learning and Algebra Nation research opportunities.

For additional information on these initiatives, please contact Vladimir Marlowe at vladtherus@ufl.edu.