Flamingo Learning System

We have developed the Flamingo Learning System, an innovative fully online, mobile-friendly social learning and professional development system for teachers, coaches, facilitators, and other educational professionals.

This system is designed to be a one-stop-hub for educators that connects them to the highest quality courses, resources, supports, and networks that are carefully designed to provide practical solutions, improve their skills and knowledge, and advance their education and careers. Flamingo is available 24/7, allowing users to access courses and tools at their own pace and time of day that best works for them.

The Flamingo Learning System is the first platform for educators that integrates the five critical functionalities:

  1. Community-based forum to connect educators
  2. Resource management system for exchanging resources
  3. Learning management system and teaching management system that allows for both guided and self-directed online learning
  4. Coaching tool for video coaching using a standard rubric
  5. Career management tool to track progress against any credential, certification, or degree

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