Trauma-Informed Practices

A significant number of students attend school while they are in the process of healing after experiencing trauma.

This can greatly affect learning and interactions with their peers, and typically not in positive or productive ways.  School staff must be equipped with knowledge and skills to support students effectively. Our trauma-informed perspectives encompasses children from birth through high school with training for infant/toddler caregivers, preschool teachers, K-12 teachers, administrators, and School Resource Officers (SROs). When teachers and caregivers have the knowledge and skills to identify risks and respond with effective interventions, they are empowered to help students heal after experiencing trauma and to help prevent future incidents.

These training modules prepare adults in child care facilities and schools by promoting trauma awareness and teaching valuable skills that can be implemented immediately. Our outreach strives to create environments where all children feel safe and secure, and where they can thrive and reach their potential.

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