January 21, 2019

Lastinger Listening Tour Report

As a responsive innovation center dedicated to working in community with others to create equitable education systems, the Lastinger Center is deeply committed to understanding the needs and realities of those we seek to serve.

Our director and select leadership embarked on a 6-week Listening Tour across Florida to do a pulse check on the educational successes and challenges in order to guide our work ahead and inform broader efforts for educational advancement in Florida and beyond. Over the course of the tour, which spanned nearly 3,000 miles and 20 Florida counties, we heard from more than 100 educational stakeholders ranging from preschoolers to high schoolers, from teachers to school and district administrators, from parents to agency and organization leaders to elected officials, and from rural areas to urban centers. Read about these conversations and the key themes that emerged in our new Lastinger Listening Tour report.

View the full report: UF Lastinger Listening Tour