James Patterson Literacy Challenge

The University of Florida Literacy Initiative has partnered with the James Patterson Foundation to address Florida’s literacy crisis through the James Patterson Literacy Challenge.

Two of the biggest problems facing low-performing schools today are: many children arrive at school each year unprepared for the literacy expectations for their grade level, and many teachers are unprepared to address the needs of these struggling readers. This challenge isn’t new, and past attempts to address it often fell short for teachers and students alike. We noticed this trend and propose a wholly different approach.

The James Patterson Literacy Challenge will address these persistent problems facing teachers and students by working with schools to enhance their literacy culture. We will accomplish this through transformative professional learning experiences for teachers and school leaders. After implementation, teachers feel prepared and supported to address any barriers a child may have to literacy.

Visit https://education.ufl.edu/patterson/ to learn more about the James Patterson Literacy Challenge and apply to become a partner school.

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