Algebra Nation

We believe that mathematics should be engaging and accessible to all students, and desire to help students connect what they are learning with understandable real-world scenarios and future career opportunities.

Algebra Nation, the flagship program of the Math Nation system, utilizes innovative learning technologies to deepen students’ acquisition of foundational math concepts through a dynamic, flexible online platform. Our content and accompanying workbook is developed and updated based on the latest research and valuable input from students, teachers, parents. Algebra Nation is available at no cost to teachers and students in Florida, South Carolina, New York City, Michigan, Alabama, and Mississippi.

Each day, thousands of students and hundreds of teachers log in to access:

  • Hundreds of instructional videos led by a team of expert tutors
  • Accompanying workbooks for additional practice
  • The Algebra Wall for after-hours homework help from live instructors
  • Personalized, adaptive learning pathways to remediate and accelerate learning
  • Online practice tools with immediate feedback to track mastery
  • Customizable reports on student learning
  • Professional network of mathematics teachers that connects them to peers and resources

Algebra Nation by the Numbers

  • 500,000 students use Algebra Nation each year
  • 25,000 teachers access Algebra Nation annually
  • 26 point higher average pass rate on Florida Algebra 1 End of Course exam in schools that frequently use Algebra Nation

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