March 2019

"All Over the Map" The Trauma-Informed Care Report

The University of Florida Lastinger Center was tasked by the Florida Legislature through Specific Appropriation 143 to conduct a study on the current trauma-informed care training available in the State of Florida.

The conclusion? When it comes to trauma-informed care, Florida is “All Over the Map.” Approximately 45% of children in the nation have experienced trauma, yet there are no requirements for trauma prevention and intervention programs in Florida public schools. Many school districts are developing their own trauma-informed care trainings without curriculum standards for guidance. Our findings and suggestions have been outlined in our newest report, "All Over the Map: A Baseline Analysis of the Incidence of Childhood Trauma and the Implementation of Trauma-Informed Care in Florida."

Download the Trauma-Informed Care Report

To learn more about the breakdown of Trauma Informed Care resources available in each school district in the state of Florida, check out our Trauma-Informed Care Interactive Map!