September 2020

Virtual Listening Tour

COVID-19 has impacted schools, districts, and early childhood programs in unique and challenging ways.

In May 2020 the Lastinger Center for Learning launched a comprehensive analysis of the responses and approaches taken by public and private education programs from birth through 12th grade in Florida. During our Virtual Listening Tour, we learned that there were challenges as well as innovative responses by many programs. Click the links below to read our published briefs. We will publish a final report in October 2020.

Published Briefs

July 2020

Trauma-Informed Care: A Critical Component in Successfully Resuming School Virtual_Listening_Tour_Brief

Themes and considerations for state leaders and school administrators on the need for trauma-informed care as students resume school.

August 2020

Best Practices in Preparing Educators and Families for Distance Learning Best_Practices_for_Distance_Learning

Themes and considerations for state leaders and school administrators to include professional development for educators and families leveraging distance learning.

September 2020

Communication Proves Essential to Teacher Success, Student Learning and Family Engagement


Themes and considerations for state leaders and school administrators on the critical need for consistent communication and the creative ways districts connected with teachers, families and students.

September 2020

Access to Technology Devices and Reliable, Consistent Internet Connectivity is Central to Distance Learning


Themes and considerations for state leaders and school administrators on the important need for broadband access (high-speed internet) as schools use distance learning to educate students. It also includes a snapshot of the many innovative ways districts bridged the gap for students who lacked connectivity during the quick transition this past spring.

September 2020

Stable Quality Child Care a Critical Need for Working Families and Economic Stability


Themes and considerations for state leaders and school administrators about the critical need for child care for working families and Florida’s economic stability.

Virtual Listening Tour Timeline

Statewide Interview Participants

• Florida Department of Education staff
• Office of Early Learning staff
• District superintendents
• Early Learning Coalition Executive Directors
• Educational technology staff
• Curriculum and instruction support staff
• Assessment support staff
• School administrative staff
• Counselors
• Teachers
• Parents
• Students
• Exceptional students

Press Release: Lastinger Listening Tour Launch June 2020

UF Lastinger Center for Learning and Impact Florida collaborate after receiving funds from Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation


Phil Poekert, Ph. D.
Lastinger Center for Learning

Natalie Hagler, Ph.D.
Post-Doctoral Research
University of Florida – College of Education

Pengfei Zhao
Assistant Professor/UF Global Fellow
Research and Evaluation Methodology Program
School of Human Development and Organizational Studies in Education
University of Florida – College of Education

Stephanie Cugini, M.Ed.
Senior Manager, Strategic Initiatives
Lastinger Center for Learning

Ali Jones
Coordinator, External Affairs
Lastinger Center for Learning

Cathy Schroeder
Communications Consultant
Lastinger Center for Learning