May 28, 2020

Virtual Listening Tour

COVID-19 has impacted schools, districts, and early childhood programs in unique and challenging ways. Early data indicate tremendous variation in the approaches taken by Florida’s education programs in response. As organizations plan for the safe reopening of businesses and institutions, there is a need to analyze what worked successfully to inform planning and future decision-making across the country.

That is why the Lastinger Center for Learning is conducting a comprehensive analysis of the responses and approaches taken by public and private education programs from birth through 12th grade in Florida. In May 2020, we launched a Virtual Listening Tour to gather best practices. We will use the data to develop several briefs and a final report for release in fall 2020. Visit our website often for updates on our progress and contact Ali Jones at with additional questions.

Were you impacted by schools and childcare centers closing due to COVID-19? If so, we want to learn more. Please click the links below to complete a short survey.

Parents and Families Survey- English and Spanish

Early Childhood Educator Survey - English and Spanish

PK-12 Educator Survey – English Only

Virtual Listening Tour Timeline

Statewide Interview Participants

• Florida Department of Education staff
• Office of Early Learning staff
• District superintendents
• Early Learning Coalition Executive Directors
• Educational technology staff
• Curriculum and instruction support staff
• Assessment support staff
• School administrative staff
• Counselors
• Teachers
• Parents
• Students
• Exceptional students

Press Release: Lastinger Listening Tour Launch June 2020

UF Lastinger Center for Learning and Impact Florida collaborate after receiving funds from Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation


Phil Poekert, Ph. D.
Lastinger Center for Learning

Natalie Hagler, Ph.D.
Post-Doctoral Research
University of Florida – College of Education

Pengfei Zhao
Assistant Professor/UF Global Fellow
Research and Evaluation Methodology Program
School of Human Development and Organizational Studies in Education
University of Florida – College of Education

Stephanie Cugini, M.Ed.
Senior Manager, Strategic Initiatives
Lastinger Center for Learning

Ali Jones
Coordinator, External Affairs
Lastinger Center for Learning

Cathy Schroeder
Communications Consultant
Lastinger Center for Learning