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A teacher sitting on the floor with her young students.

Transforming learning

Teaching and learning happens far beyond the confines of the classroom. Opportunities to transform education are all around us. For two decades, we’ve been creating innovative solutions that significantly improve student learning and achievement. Children and their success are at the heart of our work and we’ve only just begun.

We’re ready to collaborate with you to support educators, improve learning outcomes, and strengthen our educational systems.

A teacher sitting on the floor with her young students.

New Worlds Reading

Promoting the power of reading

The ability to read and learn are critical skills for lifelong success. New Worlds Reading aims to build these skills by delivering free books and family engagement resources to eligible VPK through 5th-grade students in Florida.

Strategic Initiatives

Putting research into practice makes meaningful improvements

Translating education research to practice leads to extraordinary results. We design, build, and implement programs that contribute to the achievement of critical educational milestones: kindergarten readiness, literacy proficiency by third grade and algebra proficiency by ninth grade.


Early Learning

High-quality early learning experiences have a profound impact on a child’s development. Our professional development solutions help educators place children on a path toward kindergarten readiness and future academic success.



The ability to read transforms lives. Our comprehensive literacy system enhances both teacher practice and literacy outcomes to help children love to read.



For the United States to meet workforce demands, more students must be competent in core mathematics. We’re creating online mathematics teaching and learning systems to meet future needs.



Taking a systems approach to develop educational leaders ensures cohesive vision, goals, language and instruction. We offer a variety of leadership development programs for teachers, coaches and leaders across education systems.