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Flamingo Reading App

The UF Lastinger Center for Learning’s Flamingo Reading App is the only platform on the market that provides students with explicit and systematic instruction. Rooted in the science of reading, it is an online solution that provides evidence-based reading instruction in a face-to-face or virtual setting, and it accelerates the reading process for developing readers.

What is it?

Built upon the Lastinger Center’s Small Group Instruction model, the Reading App expands opportunities for high-quality literacy resources and interactive lessons in:

  • Step 1: Reading for Fluency
  • Step 2: Targeted Assessment
  • Step 3: Explicit Word Instruction
  • Step 4: Reading for Meaning
  • Step 5: Connecting Reading and Writing

Why use it?

  • Access to high-quality literacy resources and over 1,000 digital books in English & Spanish 
  • New learning opportunities through interactive lessons
  • Customizable exercises for Reading, Word Word, Writing for Reading and Assessments 
  • Build students’ decoding skills
  • Elevate reading instruction practice

Who should use it?

The Reading App is appropriate for Pre-K to 12th-grade educators, including teachers, interventionists, tutors and parents.

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