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Research shows that students who have a strong understanding of mathematics have more opportunities to pursue higher education and a variety of jobsparticularly those in STEM fields. We believe that all students should have access to a mathematics education that is rigorous, relevant and engaging.

The Lastinger Center has responded to the urgent need to offer high-quality mathematics experiences for students to prepare them for post-secondary and career success. Our online mathematics teaching and learning systems offer research-based content and resources to support middle and high school studentsas well as teachers. Our programs serve more than 950,000 students and 30,000 teachers per year across twenty-six states.

Our Programs

Math Nation

This comprehensive, online math instructional platform offers an individualized learning experience for middle and high school students within and beyond the classroom. Learn more.

Math Matrix

Our new competency-based professional learning system for Algebra teachers helps build content and pedagogical knowledge on foundational math topics. Learn more.

Mathematics by the Numbers


Higher Algebra 1 EOC pass rate for schools frequently using Algebra Nation

Mathematics Research

Discover how our math programs have impacted teaching and learning.