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To promote the goals of the University of Florida Lastinger Center for Learning, publications illustrate milestones, achievements, and research that improve the quality of teaching, learning and childcare. 

Strategic Plans


Strategic Plan 2022-2025

2022 – 2025

Under the leadership of Dr. Phil Poekert, the Lastinger Center strategically narrowed its scope in 2018 to address three critical developmental milestones: kindergarten readiness, reading proficiency by third grade, and Algebra 1 proficiency by ninth grade. Our focus on the development of scalable, high-impact programs set the stage for exponential growth and launched the center into a new era of improving teaching, learning, and childcare and advocating for meaningful and substantive innovation in the education system.

Annual Reports



To fully meet the needs of all learners in 2021, the Lastinger Center has expanded our programs to support teachers, directors, principals, administrators, and families across the early childhood and K-12 systems. Our technology-enhanced innovations now support more than 50,000 teachers and 1 million students across 26 states each year.


Research Roundup

Recent publications, grants and awards, research spotlights and events that spotlight Lastinger Center associates and affiliate faculty.

Phil’s Quarterly Update

Highlights of the Lastinger Center’s areas of work as it creates equitable educational innovations for adults and children that put all learners on trajectories for lifelong success.