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Effective practice and solutions must start with a solid foundation, which is why research and evaluation are the core of the Lastinger Center’s work.

The Lastinger Center serves as a trusted resource for independent educational research. Our studies drive decision making, inform policy and improve systems within Florida and national educational settings. The Lastinger team also constantly evaluates the efficacy of our programs to inform timely improvements to meet the needs of our participants.

Flamingo Early Learning Florida 2016-2020 Impact Report

The Lastinger Center conducted an analysis of the courses offered through the Early Learning Florida Program from 2016-2020. Learn More

Hillsborough Early Learning Network Y1 Pilot Evaluation

Hillsborough Early Learning Network provides a system of supports to early childhood educators and coaches in the Tampa area. Learn More

Flamingo Literacy Matrix Evaluations

We put our Flamingo Literacy Matrix professional development system through a series of internal and external research evaluations to understand its impact on teachers and students. Learn More

Increased Passing Rates for Re-Takers with Frequent Use over Multiple Years

A study was conducted to determine the impact of Algebra Nation on students who had previously failed the Florida Algebra 1 End-of-Course Exam. Learn More

Recommendations from an Evaluation of Florida’s Mathematics PD Landscape

A team from the Lastinger Center surveyed and interviewed secondary math educators from across Florida. Learn More

A Comparison Between Low-Usage and High-Usage Schools in Florida

An analysis of school-level Algebra Nation usage and student achievement in Algebra data was conducted to determine what differences exist in student performance in Florida during the 2014-2015 school year. Learn More

An Evaluation of Algebra Nation in South Carolina

A yearlong evaluation of Study Edge’s Algebra Nation use and its impact in South Carolina was conducted by an independent team of educators. Learn More

Analysis of Algebra Nation Usage and Student Achievement

Mississippi schools with high usage of Algebra Nation had an 8.6% higher pass rate on the State Algebra 1 Mississippi Academic Assessment Program (MAAP) test, according to an analysis of 82 schools in the state. Learn More


Instructor Presence Positively Impacts Learning

This study explored the impact of instructor presence on learning, visual attention and perceived learning in mathematics instructional videos of varying content difficulty. Learn More


Early Learning Performance Funding Project

The Florida Office of Early Learning contacted the Lastinger Center to evaluate a five-year pilot project designed to determine how specific teacher professional learning approaches impact children who attend school readiness programs. Learn More


Mapping Collier County: An Early Learning Systems Landscape Analysis

As part of the Future Ready Collier network, the Naples Children & Education Foundation partnered with the Lastinger Center and UF Anita Zucker Center. This collaboration resulted in a systems-wide early learning landscape analysis to better understand the early learning systems and support services available in Collier County, Florida. Learn More

A Comprehensive Evaluation of Florida’s Early Childhood Professional Development System

In 2011, Florida’s Office of Early Learning (now Division of Early Learning) commissioned the Lastinger Center to listen to the voices of stakeholders in the state’s early childhood professional development system and complete an analysis of its strengths and weaknesses. Learn More


Statewide Needs Assessment on the Demand, Supply and Quality of Early Learning Programs in Florida

In 2013, Florida’s State Advisory Council on Early Education and Care Florida Division of Early Learning commissioned the Lastinger Center in partnership with the UF Family Health Center to conduct a needs assessment to determine the supply, demand, and quality of early learning programs in Florida.
Learn More


Creating a Formula for Success: Recommendations from an Evaluation of Florida’s Mathematics Professional Development Landscape

In 2021, a team from the Lastinger Center surveyed and interviewed secondary math educators from across Florida to better understand the current state of available professional learning opportunities available. Learn More

Measure to Learn and Improve Study

The Measure to Learn and Improve study was a comprehensive research effort supported by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation that assessed the impact of investments in education improvement.
Learn More


COVID-19 Virtual Listening Tour

In May 2020, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation funded the Lastinger Center to conduct a virtual listening tour to understand how coronavirus impacted various aspects of education. Learn More


“All Over The Map” The Trauma-Informed Care Report

In 2019, the Lastinger Center developed an interactive map to geographically visualize trauma-informed programs and adverse childhood experiences in Florida.
Learn More

Lastinger 2018 Listening Tour Report

In 2018, Director Phil Poekert and leadership embarked on a 6-week Listening Tour of the birth through 12th grade education systems across Florida.
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Virtual Learning Lab

The Virtual Learning Lab (VLL) was a research collaboration between the University of Florida, University of Colorado-Boulder and Arizona State University to explore the potential for precision education in Virtual Learning Environments (VLEs) to revolutionize teaching and learning.  Learn More

DIsability Anti-buLlying Training (DIAL)

Students with or at-risk for disabilities are disproportionately affected by bullying in school. Through a partnership with Dorothy Espelage, Ph.D., at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill and Chad Rose, Ph.D., at the University of Missouri, our team developed a unique professional development program targeting K-5 educators’ roles in bullying prevention as a way to support increased academic achievement. Learn More

Preparatory Resource Officer Modules in Support of Educational Success (PROMISES)

With funding from the National Institute of Justice, and a partnership with Dorothy Espelage, Ph.D., we created a four-module professional development series for school staff to increase the effectiveness of resource officers.The modules address trauma informed care, social emotional learning, restorative problem solving and cultural competence. Learn More

Understanding Trauma and Social-Emotional Learning in Schools

This project evaluated an online professional development program for SSPs that provides education on two topics related to best practices in working with youth in K-12 school settings: trauma-informed care (TIC) and social–emotional learning. Learn More

Creating Online Professional Development for School Resource Officers

While most states do not require youth or school-related training for school resource officers (SROs), their presence is ever-increasing. Under the leadership of Dorothy Espelage, Ph.D., our team created four online professional development modules for SROs. Each module focuses on one of the following: trauma-informed care, social-emotional learning (SEL), restorative problem-solving and cultural competence. Learn More

Trauma Informed Care in Schools: Perspectives from School Resource Officers

Informed by the levels of ecological systems theory, three salient themes were identified by the researchers: how SSPs and SROs describe school climate, how they respond to students with traumatic experiences and how their perspectives may be affected by their differing roles. Learn More

Restorative Justice: A Qualitative Analysis of School Security Perspectives

Grounded in Restorative Justice theory, this study examines the perspectives of School Resource Officers (SROs) and other School Security Personnel (SSPs) during a professional development training on restorative-problem solving. Learn More

Gates Foundation Flamingo Nation Data Lagoon

Funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, we are initially integrating data from the Math Nation online platform and Flamingo Learning online professional development platform, where our flagship programs like Literacy Matrix and Math Matrix systems are housed, to form the Flamingo Nation Data Lagoon.
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Culturally Responsive Math Nation

In 2021, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation selected the Lastinger Center as a Balance the Equation Grand Challenge Grantee. With this grant, the team is building a math curriculum designed to promote student engagement, academic success and the development of positive math learner identities among Black and Latinx students. Learn More