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From concept, to design and development, to pilot and launch, the Lastinger Center for Learning is committed to researching, developing and scaling educational innovations that meet the real needs of students, educators and childcare providers. 

The Learning Lab showcases projects involving emerging technologies, new products and services, research initiatives and partnerships. Each project is in various stages of development and updates are posted as they become available. 

Explore the Learning Lab to discover how the Lastinger Center is making progress in early learning, literacy, mathematics, leadership and coaching, and technology and data science.

Our Projects

Kibeam Wand™ Pilot

UF Lastinger Center /Kibeam Wand™ pilot investigates engagement with books using a hand-held, screenless device with a subset of New Worlds Reading participants. Read more.

Reading App

A digital app that provides evidence-based, explicit, systematic reading instruction, and access to over 1,000 digital books.
Read more

Books & Cooks

A seven-week literacy and nutrition program in partnership with UF IFAS Extension, carried out with a subset of children and families enrolled in New Worlds Reading. Read more.

Math Matrix PILOT

A research study and pilot of the Lastinger Center’s competency-based foundational mathematics professional learning system in partnership with Microsoft and FLDOE. Read more.

Data Lagoon

The UF Lastinger Center Data Lagoon provides researchers with secure data that connects teacher professional development, student engagement, and student performance. Read more.

AI x Lastinger Center

We believe that purpose-built AI has the potential to enhance human capacity to draw on themes, make recommendations, and impact student learning outcomes. Read more.