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Reading is an adventure, a thrill, and a basic human right that has the ability to transform lives in incredible ways. We envision a world where all children have access to supports and educational practices that are proven to help them learn to and love to read.

However, there is an illiteracy epidemic in the United States: 15 million (64%) of American children are currently unable to read proficiently. This does not have to be our reality. The Lastinger Center has developed a comprehensive professional development system that enhances literacy instruction and reading outcomes to foster a lifelong joy of learning among all ages.

Our integrated approach:

  • Equips educators with evidence-based, yet practical professional development resources and supports to enhance reading instruction
  • Connects school districts to customized professional development, coaching, and instructional supports
  • Engages students with innovative programs and initiatives that promote reading proficiency and cultivate a life-long joy of learning

Our Programs

Literacy Micro-Credentials

Science of Reading professional development for birth to twelfth grade educators.
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Literacy Matrix

Online professional development covering evidence-based reading instruction.
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Science of Reading Professional Development

In-person professional development that equips participants to diagnose and address individual literacy needs.
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Literacy Coaching

Specialized certification program to develop literacy and coaching skills in a K-12 setting.
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Flamingo Reading App

Online, evidence-based, explicit and systematic reading instruction, and over 1,000 digital books.
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Small Group Literacy Instruction

Professional development for K-12 literacy educators that provides the necessary skills to make instructional decisions.
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New Worlds Reading Initiative

Statewide book delivery program for K-5 students not yet reading on grade level in Florida.
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Early Language and Literacy

Virtual or in-person professional development for early childhood and pre-kindergarten educators.
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Custom Professional Development

Tailored professional learning opportunities based on the unique needs of educators and students.
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Literacy Research

Learn how out literacy programs demonstrate significant impact on teacher and student learning outcomes.

Programs in Action

See how our literacy programs have been implemented within specific
educational contexts.