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Reading is an adventure, a thrill, and a basic human right that has the ability to transform lives in incredible ways. We envision a world where all children have access to supports and educational practices that are proven to help them learn to read and love it.

However, there is an illiteracy epidemic in the United States: 15 million (64%) of American children are currently unable to read proficiently. This does not have to be our reality. The Lastinger Center developed a comprehensive professional development system that enhances literacy instruction and reading outcomes to foster a lifelong joy of learning.

Our integrated approach:

  • Equips educators with evidence-based, practical professional development resources and supports to enhance reading instruction
  • Connects school districts to customized professional development, coaching and instructional supports
  • Engages students with innovative programs and initiatives that promote reading proficiency and cultivate a life-long love of learning

Literacy by the Numbers


year reading growth for children whose teachers are engaged in our initiatives

Literacy Matrix Infographics

Literacy Research

Our literacy programs have demonstrated significant impact on teacher and student learning outcomes. 

Literacy Programs

Our Flamingo Literacy programs provide evidence-based instruction to teachers and children in ways that significantly improve reading achievement.