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Florida Tutoring Advantage

Supporting Florida’s public school districts, K-5 educators, families and students

Administered by the UF Lastinger Center for Learning, the Florida Tutoring Advantage is the state’s newest tutoring program that will equip public school districts, tutors and families with resources and skills to have significant and lasting impact on learners across the state. For public school districts developing and managing school-based K-5 tutoring programs, the Florida Tutoring Advantage will provide Science of Reading and math tutoring best practices, offer free consultation services and distribute funding for tutor stipends. The Florida Tutoring Advantage will also provide virtual tutoring options for public and public charter K-5 students not yet achieving grade-level standards in reading or mathematics and administer grant funds for public districts to support AI tutoring for grades 6-12.


In Spring 2024, the Florida Legislature unanimously passed HB 1361, creating the Florida Tutoring Advantage to support school districts in the development and operation of high-impact tutoring programs for K-5 public school students across the state. Through district-based tutoring programs, online virtual tutoring, and automated tutoring software, the program is designed to improve K-5 student outcomes in literacy and mathematics.

The Florida Tutoring Advantage is designed to:
  1. Share guidelines for schools and school districts that define high-quality, high-impact tutoring in literacy and mathematics for K-5 students.
  2. Consult with school districts on the creation and implementation of high-impact K-5 tutoring programs.
  3. Offer grant funding to public school districts to support high-impact K-5 tutoring programs for eligible students.
  4. Provide professional learning opportunities for school administrators and tutors to enhance the effectiveness of tutoring programs.
  5. Support virtual tutoring and automated tutoring options for eligible K-5 public school students and public charter school students.
  6. Administer grant funds for public school districts to pilot AI education support for students in grades 6-12.

Current Opportunites…

for Public School Districts

In Fall 2024, public school districts interested in establishing new or maintaining existing K-5 tutoring programs may apply for funding to support their school-based tutoring programs. Complete the interest form below to be notified when funding applications become available.

If your public school district has already received state funding to support an ongoing K-5 high impact tutoring program, please reach out to John Michael Gonzales to learn more about eligibility for the coming year.

for Tutors & Administrators

The Florida Tutoring Advantage will provide professional learning for administrators and tutors of K-5 high-impact tutoring programs in Florida public school districts and public charter schools. If you are interested in registering for professional learning opportunities, please complete the interest form below to be notified when opportunities become available.

Courses are scheduled for release in Spring 2025, with some pilot opportunities to be offered during Fall 2024.


for Vendors

The Florida Tutoring Advantage will offer districts and their students a wide variety of technology-enhanced tools to support math and reading success, including, but not limited to:

  • Digital tools for managing district-based programs
  • Instructor-led virtual tutoring
  • Automated tutoring software
  • AI-powered education support

Vendors of such programs should complete the interest form below to be notified when proposals are being accepted.

Questions? Reach out to Joe Nicholson

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