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Our Work

The Lastinger Center improves the quality of teaching, learning and childcare. We research, develop and scale equitable educational innovations for adults and children that put all learners on trajectories for lifelong success.

In the past two decades, we have made significant strides by collaborating for real, scalable change in collaboration with educators in Florida and around the country. 

Our research shows that a child who is ready for kindergarten, reading proficiently by third grade, and confident in algebra by ninth grade experiences the most success later in life. 

Our portfolio of products focus on improving these three critical milestones via effective, research-based professional learning and instruction experiences.

A boy reading and an out of focus girl reading.


A group of Pre-K students experimenting with slime.

Early Learning

High-quality early learning experiences have a profound impact on a child’s development. Our professional development solutions help educators place children on a path toward kindergarten readiness and future academic success.

A teacher working on literacy skills with a group of students.


The ability to read transforms lives. By developing a comprehensive literacy system, we’re enhancing both teacher practice and literacy outcomes to help children love to read.

A teacher helping with a student.


For the United States to meet workforce demands, more students must be competent in core mathematics. We’re creating online mathematics teaching and learning systems to meet future needs.

A teacher speaking with a student.


Taking a systems approach to develop educational leaders ensures cohesive vision, goals, language and instruction. We offer a variety of leadership development programs for teachers, coaches and leaders across education systems.