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AI x Lastinger Center

We believe that purpose-built AI has the potential to enhance human capacity to draw on themes, make recommendations, and impact student learning outcomes.

What is Purpose-Built AI?

Purpose-built AI are technologies designed for a specific learning goal or problem, in service of enhancing learning, in partnership with students, teachers, and families. With these technologies, we can:

  • Grade automatically against a rubric → optimize quality time spent with learners 
  • Identify patterns between teacher professional learning and student performance → recommend useful professional learning experiences 
  • Streamline the effort of individual team members → more time focused on refining and iterating programs and processes

Whether that be through student digital learning services like Math Nation that suggest practice based on performance, data infrastructure like the Data Lagoon that has data for models to recommend professional learning opportunities for teachers, or technology-enhanced learning with Kibeam Wand™ Reading System that will help us effectively support literacy and reading engagement, the Lastinger Center is creating scalable, sustainable educational programs, products and projects that can contribute to success of students with AI-supported tools.

We can now perform simple queries, create visualizations, and have begun to engage in advanced analytics, machine learning, and AI. We can’t wait to see what we will do.”

Cathy Cavanaugh, Chief Experience Officer and Technology Principal speaking about the Lastinger Center Data Lagoon.

What concerns are we keeping in mind?

Privacy and Data Security

Privacy and data security are a top priority. Our work maintains the rigorous privacy standards established by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

    Biases, Plagiarism and Misinformation

    Considering limited, inaccurate, outdated data-sets are likely to exist, our work will continue to be maintained by researchers, faculty and staff who are experts in their fields.

    What’s next?

    By following the models and recommendations of trusted sources, the Lastinger Center is exploring use cases of purpose-built AI tools to better understand the viability of its use and determine appropriate, controlled environments in which we can test, learn and innovate.

      To learn more about projects with new and emerging technologies, visit the Learning Lab.