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Kibeam Wand™ 1-2-3 : Getting Started 

UF Lastinger Center / Kibeam Wand™ Reading System Pilot

The UF Lastinger Center / Kibeam Wand™ Reading System Pilot puts a Kibeam wand in a child’s hands, brings magic to a selection of New Worlds Reading paper books and makes reading fun! With a simple wave of the wand, children are immersed in each page and learn in a whole new way.


Before setting up your wand, you’ll need:
  • A mobile device such as an iOS or Android smartphone or tablet.
  • Bluetooth enabled on your device.
  • Access to a home Wi-Fi signal. (Downloading may complete more quickly if you are closer to your wifi router.)
  • Your Kibeam Wand USB cable and power adaptor.
Now, let’s get your wand set up. Don’t worry, there are just a few steps.

1. Download the Kibeam Wand App.

a. Go to the Apple App Store or Google Play store on your mobile device.
b.  Type Kibeam Wand in the search bar and tap the name in the results.
c.  Tap on the Kibeam Wand App preview.
d.  Tap the ‘Get’ (Apple) or ‘Install’ (Google) button.

2. Set Up Your Wand

Open the Kibeam Wand App and follow the in-app instructions, which include:

a.  Signing in with your email or phone number used for New Worlds Reading
b.  Allowing Bluetooth permissions on your mobile device
c.  Connecting your Kibeam Wand to the Kibeam Wand App
d.  Connecting your Kibeam Wand to Wi-Fi

3. Add a Book to Your Wand

Make sure the USB cable is plugged into the Kibeam Wand and a power source.

a.  In the Kibeam Wand App, go to My Shelf and see all available books.
b.  Tap on the book you’d like to add to your wand.
c.  Tap the Add Book button.

Once your books are downloaded, simply unplug your wand to start reading! If you have any technical issues setting up your Kibeam Wand, please contact our support team at


Email |
Phone | 352.392.2460

Need more information? Visit UF Lastinger Center / Kibeam Wand™ Reading System Pilot. To learn more about New Worlds Reading, visit