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UF Lastinger Center / Kibeam Wand™ Reading System Pilot

Welcome to the UF Lastinger Center / Kibeam Wand™ Pilot! We’re so grateful for your participation to explore the impact of this innovative, screenless reading support device with your children. As a participant in this pilot, you will receive a Kibeam Wand™ loaded with a set of New Worlds Reading book selections. You have also agreed to respond to surveys to help us better understand the use and potential of the Kibeam Wand™, and your responses are being collected as part of a formal academic research study. Check UF Lastinger Center/Kibeam Wand™ Pilot for a general overview of the project.

What will I receive with my Kibeam Wand

  • The Kibeam Wand™
  • A start-up guide
  • A charging cable
  • A New Worlds Reading book

    Will I need anything else to use my Kibeam Wand™?

    You will need a USB-A wall adapter for the charging cable.

    USB-A wall charger/adapter and plug; with the plug prongs on one side and the USB-A port on the other

    How do I…

    Ask questions about the UF Lastinger Center / Kibeam Wand™ Reading System Pilot & Research Study?

    For questions regarding participation in the UF Lastinger Center/Kibeam Wand™ research pilot, please reach out to the Lastinger Center team.

    Submit: Research Pilot Contact Form

      Get help with my Kibeam Wand™?

      First visit Kibeam-1-2-3 Getting Started. If you need more help, our partners at Kibeam Learning, Inc. have excellent resources on the Kibeam Support page. If you need technical support that cannot be handled by reviewing the videos and web resources, please reach out to the Kibeam team directly.


      Get help with my books or my New Worlds Reading account?

      Your New Worlds book delivery schedule will remain the same, but some of your original book selections may not be included in this pilot. You may receive a book that you didn’t select or a book that you already have. If you have questions about your books, New Worlds Reading content or activities, check the FAQs on the New Worlds Reading website, or reach out to the New Worlds Reading team via