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Alex Prinstein, MED

Senior Manager, Product Development

Alex Prinstein serves as the product manager of coaching for the Lastinger Center for Learning. In this role, Alex oversees the development and refinement of the Center’s coaching products, utilizing product management processes to ensure the inclusion of user experience.

Alex joined the Lastinger Center in 2010 and has contributed to the design and implementation of multiple flagship programs, including Algebra Nation and Early Learning Florida. She has worked in the education field since 1998 in states from California to Florida, with experience varying from early childhood through high school. She is passionate about applying systems thinking to the problems of educational practice and working to ensure that promoting equity remains at the forefront of conversations about learning.

Since leaving the classroom, Alex has worked in the private and public sectors with a focus on designing and implementing high-quality, customized professional learning opportunities for adults. Alex is a skilled facilitator specializing in creating the conditions, processes, and structures for job-embedded educator communities of practice, allowing educators’ actual dilemmas to become the foundation and content of the experience.

Alex holds master’s degrees in education from both Harvard University and the University of California at Los Angeles, and a B.A. in Art History and English from Dartmouth College.