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Anthony Nappi

Instructional Designer, Specialist

Anthony serves as an Instructional Designer Specialist at the Lasting Center for Learning. In this role, Anthony collaborates with teachers and subject matter experts to shape their visions for learning into e-learning experiences that are accessible, engaging, and well-aligned to instructors’ desired outcomes. 

Anthony began his career as an Instructional Designer in 2015 at the University of Florida College of Education’s E-Learning, Technology, and Communications (ETC) department, regularly contributing to the redesign of many university courses and academic programs with careful attention paid to course content alignment and seamless integration with interactive multimedia elements and learning management systems. In addition to this work, Anthony has provided instructional design expertise to several research and grant projects external to traditional academic courses, including educational websites, micro-credential programs, and immersive (XR) simulation experiences.

Anthony has earned a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education from the University of Florida’s ProTeach program, which includes several semesters of co-teaching internship in Florida classrooms and certification from the University of Florida Literacy Initiative (UFLI). In his free time, Anthony expresses a deep affinity for audiovisual media in all forms by specializing in music curation, experimental video collage performances, and A/V art installations at venues around the Gainesville area.