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Eva Andrade

Specialist, Literacy Content, New Worlds Reading Initiative

Eva Andrade holds the position of Literacy Specialist within the New Worlds Reading Initiative at the Lastinger Center for Learning. Within this capacity, she is tasked with the development and delivery of literacy materials that adhere to the Florida B.E.S.T. Standards.

Eva’s professional journey began in elementary education, where she amassed 13 years of experience serving students across grades 1 through 4. Her duties encompassed a broad spectrum, ranging from tailoring instructional strategies and materials to accommodate diverse student needs and interests, to crafting engaging lessons and hands-on activities. Moreover, she spearheaded reading and writing workshops aimed at bolstering student literacy levels and bolstering school reading initiatives.

Eva earned her bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education from High Point University, complemented by a master’s degree in Elementary Education with a focus on literacy, from the same institution. Beyond her professional endeavors, Eva finds fulfillment in traveling alongside her husband during her leisure time.