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Instructional leaders are the cornerstone of a high-quality, impactful educational program or school. Our Instructional Leadership Development programs support educational leaders in developing their ability to aid teachers and staff to improve school and program outcomes.

Early Learning Instructional Leadership Development

The Flamingo Early Learning Instructional Leadership Development Program is a multi-faceted approach that systematically builds the instructional leadership capacity of early childhood program leaders. Throughout this 30-hour interactive experience, program leaders practice job-embedded strategies for facilitating collaborative Professional Learning Communities, also known as Communities of Practice, with teachers. 

Instructional leadership topics include: 

  • Becoming an instructional leader in early childhood education
  • Supporting teachers in curriculum planning through a variety of job-embedded professional development experiences
  • Selecting a teacher to support while learning instructional support strategies

Contact Raquel Diaz, Ed.D., senior partnerships manager, at for more information.

Intended Participants

Our Early Learning Instructional Leadership Development Program is designed for current early childhood program leaders or those seeking to move into this role.

Through our Flamingo Leadership Modules, early learning professionals will build their leadership skills through interactive online and hybrid experiences. Led by expert facilitators, participants explore various dispositions of effective leadership in collaborative settings. Through inquiry, participants maximize their strengths to address the unique challenges they face as leaders. 

Our two-module, online program is comprised of two online modules and an on-going Community of Practice, offered either virtually or in-person.

Module 1 - Who am I as a Leader?

In this eight-hour online module, participants are introduced to the Lastinger Leadership Framework and how a community of practice functions. Upon successful completion, participants will be able to identify who they are as a leader and will have engaged in a community of practice. 

Module 2 - Supercharging your Leadership with Coaching Tools, Habits, and Strategies

This eight-hour online module will provide participants with the tools they need to provide valuable feedback to teachers and other stakeholders with whom they work. Upon successful completion of this module, leaders will have an understanding of the Lastinger Coaching Cycle and the difference between providing coaching versus evaluator feedback. 

K-12 Instructional Leadership Development

Our K-12 Instructional Leadership Development program is designed to build the capacity of school systems for instructional quality improvement. Instructional leaders, consisting of coaches, peer evaluators and administrators, will deepen their expertise through inquiryusing Communities of Practice and coaching toolsto advance a culture of learning in their school sites and communities. This intentional and powerful strategy is intended to improve student outcomes.

Contact Raquel Diaz, Ed.D., senior partnerships manager, at for more information.

Intended Participants

This program is designed for K-12 instructional leaders, including coaches, peer evaluators and administrators.

Delivery and Duration

Participants will engage in a comprehensive approach to instructional leadership development, including:

  • An initial institute to build a foundation and to introduce Communities of Practice (CoP) tools and processes to engage adult learners and preview the leadership content that will be presented in the modules. 
  • Two online modules that build knowledge and skills around effective leadership, inquiry, Communities of Practice and coaching
  • Inquiry cycle 
  • Ongoing Communities of Practice to work with peers to apply learning in their individual contexts
  • Culminating showcase to share learning and celebrate achievements