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Kerry Pirrone

Coordinator, New Worlds Reading Initiative


Kerry Pirrone serves as the Regional Partners Coordinator with New Worlds Reading Initiative at the Lastinger Center for Learning. In Kerry’s role she supports the development, implementation, and ongoing management and coordination of Regional Partners Program.

Kerry began her career in corporate retail within product management and merchandising once she had emersed herself in fashion for over half a decade she decided as the lifetime learner she is, to pivot into teaching. She taught in her local district and as she started her family she taught remotely through the Florida Virtual School for over a decade. Kerry brings her time, talent, and treasures from her diverse career to this role with the New Worlds Reading Initiative, once a teacher always a teacher.

Kerry has a Bachelor of Science in Management degree with a focus in Marketing from Tulane University and is working towards her master’s degree in Ecological Restoration from University of Florida. In her free time, Kerry enjoys the outdoors with her family whether it is in her garden, the beach, or on the ball field.