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About the Kibeam Wand™ 

Spark the joy of reading! The Kibeam Wand™ turns books into fun, interactive reading experiences for children. With the Kibeam Wand™ every page encourages children to use their imagination as they wave their wand and read along.

The Kibeam Wand™ is a small handheld device that features colorful lights, motion sensors and a friendly speaking voice that guides children through each book. Whether it’s pretending to drive a car, roaring like a dinosaur, catching imaginary bugs or casting magical spells, children will engage with their books in a whole new way.

Here’s What the Kibeam Wand™ Can Do!

  • Teach reading through movement, fun and games
  • Engage kids without the use of screens 
  • Work with books selected for a pilot with the New Worlds Reading Initiative
  • Develop a greater love of learning
  • Enhance skills like identifying letters, sounding out words, reading comprehension and expanding vocabulary
  • Encourage parents and caregivers to play and read along with their kids
  • Inspire connections between kids and their parents and caregivers

UF Lastinger Center / Kibeam Wand™ Pilot

In October 2023, the UF Lastinger Center for Learning and Kibeam Learning, Inc. will engage in a formal research study to pilot the use of the Kibeam Wand™ with a group of New Worlds Reading Families and Scholastic books selected for the pilot. The research pilot will include 10,000 New Worlds Reading students who will receive a Kibeam Wand™ and commit to participating in a formal research study.
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