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Math Matrix

Educators are our most powerful catalyst for change when it comes to enhancing math literacy and proficiency and it is critical that all mathematics teachers are adequately prepared and supported to teach each and every student. The UF Lastinger Center’s Math Matrix is being developed to provide high quality, flexible competency-based online professional learning for mathematics educators. In January 2024, the Lastinger Center for Learning, in partnership with Microsoft and the Florida Department of Education, is piloting the Math Matrix with math professionals from across the state of Florida.

What is the Math Matrix?

The Math Matrix is a flexible competency-based online professional learning system designed to enhance mathematics education in K-12 classrooms. 

What does it do?

The Math Matrix supports K-12 teachers, educators and coaches to:

  • Give each and every student access to high-quality mathematics instruction 
  • Develop deep mathematical knowledge for teaching key concepts 
  • Implement research-based instructional strategies


The program is delivered through four highly engaging online courses:

  • Big Picture for all K-12 mathematics educators, specialists and coaches
  • Fostering Mathematics Proficiency for all K-12 mathematics educators, specialists and coaches
  • Algebraic Reasoning for 6-12 mathematics educators
  • Whole Numbers and Fractions for K-5 mathematics educators.

Each course includes videos, interactive activities, handouts, reflective assignments, self-evaluation and job-embedded tasks. A trained facilitator provides direct feedback to participants to support their growth on assignments. 

2023-2024 Pilot Study

Starting January 2024, the UF Lastinger Center for Learning will conduct a formal academic research study and pilot of the Math Matrix. Two hundred and fifty math professionals from across the state of Florida will be selected for the pilot to provide a balanced representation of teachers from different locales, backgrounds and experiences. 

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