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Marissa Balbuena, MS

Graphic Design Specialist

Marissa Balbuena serves as the Graphic Design Specialist at the Lastinger Center for Learning. In this role, Marissa influences and maintains all of the visual identities of our products and projects; ensures all out-going materials follow the appropriate identity and meets accessibility standards while still being inventive in their execution; and supports student staff through mentorship and feedback.

Marissa began her career in graphic design back in 2015 as a freelancer where she collaborated with small businesses and developed deliverables according to specifications. Additionally, she worked for UF Mint Design Studio, III Points Music Festival, and Miami-Dade County. Her overall work and research aims to promote awareness of human realities and uplift historically marginalized voices in order to critically reimagine existing spaces. Marissa believes in the power of responsive dialogue and co-creation to foster ingenious and transformative societies.

Marissa holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design and a Master of Science in Management both from the University of Florida. In her free time, Marissa is either drawing letters, exercising at the gym, or making more coffee.