Early Learning

High-quality early learning experiences have an extraordinary positive impact on a child’s cognitive, social, and physical development. When children have access to quality care, they are placed on a path toward kindergarten readiness and future school and career success.

All children can improve but for the forty percent of children who enter kindergarten behind, nearly three-quarters will never catch up to their classmates (The First Five Years Impact Success in School and Life).

Improving an educator’s skill set is the critical pillar in improving the academic trajectory for children. However, in 2014 the Lastinger Center learned from practitioners that they had little access to high quality, affordable training and education to help build their practice.

In a direct response to this need, the Lastinger Center built a comprehensive system of accessible, affordable and accredited professional development opportunities that gives early childhood educators the partnership and support they need for success. In just four years, we’ve delivered more than 400,000 hours of online content to over 33,000 early childhood professionals.

Lastinger Early Learning By The Numbers


Increase in teacher content knowledge


Improvement in CLASS^TM scores


Higher average child developmental growth rate