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Emergent Literacy Micro-Credential

Created in partnership with the Florida Department of Education and the Division of Early Learning, the UF Lastinger Center for Learning’s Flamingo Literacy Micro-Credentials are available at no cost to Florida instructional personnel in an effort to create accessible and on-demand reading professional development. They give instructional personnel an opportunity to work at their own pace while implementing classroom strategies in real time and receiving individualized feedback and one-on-one support from an assessor. 

What does it do?

The Emergent Literacy Micro-Credential prepares early learning instructional personnel and child care providers to:

  • Support student outcomes for school readiness
  • Identify literacy difficulties accurately
  • Apply evidence-based practices
  • Engage in effective progress monitoring and intervention  

Who should participate?

Birth through PreK instructional personnel (public or private), including but not limited to:

  • Teachers
  • Program Directors
  • Interventionists
  • Instructional Coaches
  • Head Start Personnel

When does enrollment begin?

The Emergent Literacy Micro-Credential can be completed in less than four months. Access the document below to learn more about upcoming offerings, enrollment dates, and FAQs.

Why participate?

  • $2,000 completion stipend for Early Childhood Personnel*

  • Build emergent literacy knowledge and skills with high-quality content

  • Supports language and literacy requirements for the CDA professional portfolio

*School Readiness (SR) child care personnel is defined in ss. 1002.88(1)(e) and 402.302(3), F.S.; and VPK instructors is defined in ss. 1002.55, 1002.61, and 1002.63, F.S. 

Limit 1 completion stipend per Early Childhood Personnel*.

How does it work?

The Emergent Literacy Micro-Credential is a hybrid model of online modules, instructor-supported online courses, and job-embedded practicum:

Component 1

Delivery Method: Online, Instructor-supported 
Flamingo Early Learning course | 20 hours 

  • Preschool Language Development
  • Desarrollo del Lenguaje en Niños Preescolares
  • The Building Blocks of Preschool Literacy  
  • Language Development for Infants and Toddlers

If an instructional personnel has already earned mastery in one of the three courses, they will directly enroll in Component 2. 

Component 2

Delivery Method: Asynchronous online
Emergent Literacy Modules | 20 hours

  • Oral Language and Shared Storybook Reading 
  • Alphabet Knowledge and Print Awareness 
  • Phonological Awareness 
  • Emergent Reading and Writing 

Instructional personnel have the option to test out of Component 2 via a pre-test. If mastery is earned during the pre-test, they will enroll in Component 3.

Component 3

Delivery Method: Online, instructor-supported, job-embedded practice
Practicum | 20 hours

This 20-hour job-embedded practicum provides instructional personnel with personalized feedback from their navigators as they implement the strategies from Components 1 and 2 in real-time in their classrooms. The practicum activities are designed to be added to a CDA portfolio.