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Flamingo Reading App

The Flamingo Literacy Reading App is an online solution providing evidence-based tutoring in a virtual setting. Built on the Lastinger Center’s Small Group Instruction model, the app expands opportunities for developing readers to receive the highest-quality literacy resources and interactive lessons.

The Flamingo Literacy Reading App is the only platform on the market that provides students with explicit and systematic instruction rooted in the science of reading. The app provides:

  1. Access to a library of more than 1,000 books in English and 300 books in Spanish
  2. Phonemic and phonological awareness activities
  3. Word work to build decoding skills
  4. Customizable exercises for Reading, Word Work, Writing for Reading, and Assessments
  5. Multi-step Lesson Builder to combine exercises into dynamic, interactive experiences
  6. Sharing and collaboration tools for professional development within an organization and between organizations

To learn more, please contact Language and Literacy Partnerships Manager Jessica Richards at

Intended Participants

The Flamingo Reading App is appropriate for Pre-K to 12th grade educators, including teachers, interventionists, tutors and parents.

Flamingo Literacy Reading App
Reading app screenshot.